Jason Mraz – YES!

Jason Mraz - Yes

An acoustic album from Jason Mraz isn’t really that big a stretch from his standard recordings as he’s always been pretty mellow. What makes YES! different from his previous albums is how much the focus is on him, his guitar and the involvement of Raining Jane, an all-female group who co-wrote the album and provide background vocals throughout.

Whether or not he’s ‘sharing the spotlight’, Jason does sound more comfortable and settled on this album. It’s relaxing and soothing to listen to.

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Carly stands for gay rights

Carly Rae Jepsen is a singer in a very delicate position right now. Despite her mild success in Canada before last year, she’s at risk of being forever known as a one-hit-wonder and fading away into obscurity. Therefore, any move she makes these days is important to contributing to any possible long-term impact she may have. Carly announced this week

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2012…so far

2012 is pretty well half done… already! And unlike most years, it has delivered quite a lot in the way of music and entertainment. The first two quarters of the year are generally pretty slow when it comes to new releases, especially with music, where many big names will try to compete for the fourth quarter sales period of September

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