Down with CanCon

I used to be a big supporter and fan of Canadian music. The old saying “It’s Canadian!” was always justification enough for why we should like a new artist or an unknown song. And the pride when a Canadian song received international attention was always swelling. The late 90s was a great period for this when CanCon favourites Alanis Morissette,

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2011 American Music Awards: Liveblog

I’ve never liveblogged before. Unless you count my ongoing tweets on Twitter a few months back for the MTV Music Awards. I’ve seen liveblogging occurring on actual blog sites before and figured I’ve have a crack at it while a live event was going on. I’m choosing the American Music Awards. The AMAs are less classy, more casual than the

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Threatened by sucky music

Lately, the topic of Justin Bieber has been coming up quite often amongst my friends; myself included if I choose to get involved. The main subject is whether or not he’s legitimate or if he “sucks”. Before I go any further in my defense of the Biebster, I will say that I definitely don’t consider myself a fan. He’s not

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