James Bay – Chaos And The Calm

James Bay - Chaos And The Calm

James Bay sounds like he knows what he’s doing. At 24, Chaos and the Calm is his first album even though he sounds like someone who’s been writing, recording and performing for much longer. His voice packs a punch, effortlessly I might add. His guitarwork is prominently on display throughout the record, never taking control of a song but always sharing the stage with his words. He sounds seasoned, practiced, experienced, and it’s one of the first qualities to jump out.

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Don’t Let It Go

Frozen Soundtrack

Everyone knows Let It Go. The iconic song from Disney’s Frozen that has probably toppled A Whole New World, Circle Of Life and Beauty & The Beast as Disney’s most memorable song attached to an animated film. It helped make Idina Menzel a recognizable name outside of Broadway last year and received all kinds of awards and recognition. Such popularity also helped make it a widely hated song.

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