Is she or isn’t she?

One of the highlights of the Grammy Awards this past weekend was when Macklemore & Ryan Lewis performed their anthem Same Love with Mary Lambert. It wasn’t so much the performance itself that garnered attention but when Queen Latifah presided over the marriage of 33 couples.

While the marriages received the predicted criticism from the expected sources, the Queen herself got some flack as well – for not making it more about her.

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Headline news: Gay in the NBA

Earlier this week, a player in the NBA publicly revealed he was gay. While someone coming out isn’t considered to be “headline” news the way it was just a few years ago, this particular case was. Jason Collins is considered to be the first out player in major league professional sports. There have been others who have come out but

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I Love My Trans!

Awareness campaigns often start with the purpose of making information available. After an organization pinpoints the cause and decides on the message, it becomes a matter of how to communicate it effectively and successfully. In today’s world of Internet 2.0, social networking has taken that to a new level. However, sometimes it works in reverse where social networking becomes the

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Carly stands for gay rights

Carly Rae Jepsen is a singer in a very delicate position right now. Despite her mild success in Canada before last year, she’s at risk of being forever known as a one-hit-wonder and fading away into obscurity. Therefore, any move she makes these days is important to contributing to any possible long-term impact she may have. Carly announced this week

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