Madonna – Madame X

Madonna - Madame X

Madame X won’t appeal to all hardcore fans of Madonna, but you have to appreciate the conviction, confidence and truth behind the music. Those are what have been missing from her music for years and now she’s delivered what just might be her best album in decades.

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Madonna – Rebel Heart

Madonna - Rebel Heart Deluxe Edition

When Madonna used the word “reductive” in her infamous interview on ABC back in 2012, it set off a firestorm of what would become one of the biggest rivalries in pop music. The word would also go on to become a go-to term for throwing shade. But lately it also seems to be the word that best describes Madonna’s own music.

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Madonna – Rebel Heart (so far)

Madonna - Rebel Heart

Following the leak of demos from her then-yet-to-be-announced album Rebel Heart last month, Madonna took a proactive stance by immediately releasing the finished songs to digital outlets and a release date for the album.

The six tracks that make up slightly less than one-third of the record – 19 tracks! – offer a sample of her upcoming 13th album and judging by their sound, there’s a lot of ground covered.

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