2016 Music Preview

Rihanna - Anti

2016 is well underway with already more unfortunate losses than should happen in the span of a few short weeks. One of those, David Bowie, also led the year as far as major new album releases go. Looking ahead into the rest of the calendar, it’s shaping up to be a much more active year than 2015 was; the year

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Who’s overdue for new music

Chantal Kreviazuk

Most artists have a relatively expected turnover for their albums, whether they release every two years or every four, most tend to be pretty consistent. There are some artists I follow, however, that seem to have fallen out of their cycle meaning there may or may not be a new album on the horizon.

Here’s a list of a few women off the top of my head overdue for new music who haven’t confirmed anything new is coming that I’d like to see new albums from.

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The most surprising comebacks

The musical comeback is a rare and mystical thing indeed, with very few artists having the opportunity to strike it hot more than once. Most acts who make a name for themselves usually will come and go all within a very short timespan, less than five years, before they fade into obscurity and are relegated to making albums for the

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This is the remix

Katy Perry just earned her 5th #1 single from her Teenage Dream album, tying a record set by Michael Jackson in the late 80s as the album with the most #1 Hot 100 singles for Bad. And she did this with the help of a few remixes. One was released as the main version for E.T. while the other was

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