Frozen poster

Disney has pretty much owned the animated slice of the movies for decades. My own youth was charmed by the “Disney Renaissance” brought on by movies like The Little Mermaid and Beauty & The Beast.

Throughout the 90s, Walt Disney Animations produced a hit movie almost every year but popularity started to wane later in the decade as other production studios got into the game. By then, the instant Disney classic was moved wayside in favour of more modern titles with fresh new styles, including Disney’s own Pixar – the studio behind Toy Story, Finding Nemo and Up.

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The Place Beyond The Pines

The Place Beyond The Pines poster

The first three or four minutes of The Plane Beyond The Pines follows Luke Glanton (Ryan Gosling) into a fair and into a globe of death with two other riders. This is entirely done in one continuous shot. Located in small town New York, Luke is a local motorcycle hero who realizes that he has an infant son from a fling during a previous stop in the town of Schenectady. Having only hours to decide before heading out on a year-long tour as a stuntman, Luke quits and decides to stay in town to be in his son’s life. His son’s mother Romina (Eva Mendes) however, has already established her own life and a relationship with Kofi (Mahershala Ali) as she expresses no desire for Luke’s participation.

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