Cutting between B to E

my cd collection

As a self-proclaimed laggard who chooses to own an outdated method of music in this age of digital and now music streaming, I still hold on to the archaic ways of buying music in physical means. I knew it was inevitable at some point but I never thought the day would come where I would reach maximum capacity.

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John Newman – Tribute

John Newman - Tribute

The cover of John Newman‘s debut album Tribute suggests an awkward self-conscious teen idol-wannabe who is hoping to live the dream of releasing an album of standard, catchy pop music – never going as deep as he’d like to believe nor as cool as he wishes he could be.

The saying ‘never judge a book by its cover’ definitely applies here.

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Rock is dead?

At the Hard Rock Café

“Rock n roll is dead.”

It has been a saying for years. Probably since it first emerged as the new craze in the late 50s that gave a whole generation a style of music to call their own.

Yet, decade after decade, rock n roll prevailed. It underwent changes but always stayed at the forefront of whatever music was offering at any given time. It became the umbrella term for music, the basis for a music hall of fame, and quintessential startype: “rock star”.

But in recent years, it might seem like it’s becoming more likely to be a true statement.

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Nicole Atkins – Slow Phaser

Nicole Atkins - Slow Phaser

Trying to place Nicole Atkins into the box of a musical genre is nearly impossible. Over the course of her three albums she has incorporated so many different styles into her music, none of which have taken a central role, and even over time she has never done the same thing twice.

Yet with so much musical mixture, there’s never any clashing. The songs are familiar but not over-worn.

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