Sarah McLachlan – Shine On

Sarah McLachlan - Shine On

Some things about Sarah McLachlan have remained constant since the early days of her career. Pierre Marchand has singularly produced all of her albums except her first. She’s rarely written with co-writers other than Marchand, and she’s practically been the face of Vancouver label Nettwerk since both of their beginnings.

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William Fitzsimmons – Lions

My introduction to William Fitzsimmons was in hearing a song from Lions. It doesn’t matter which song it was because almost every track on the record would have had the same effect on me. Each song has the capability to stop me on the spot, drop what I’m doing and listen to the guitar plucking, ambience and crooning of William’s soft-sung vocals.

It’s difficult for an album of guitar-folk to stand out amongst the abundance of guitar-folk records that come out every year, especially when it’s an artist previously unbeknownst to me. Lions is his fifth record in almost a decade but I’m a newbie.

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