11 Albums that are 20 years old

Dance Mix 94

20 years ago, I got my first CD player for Christmas and with that, my very first CD. MuchMusic’s Dance Mix ’94. That was 20 years ago…

In joining the internet’s neverending quest to make us all feel old old, here’s a list of albums that came out 20 years ago that most of us probably owned, wanted to own, or borrowed from a friend to record to a blank cassette. And now for the first time, let’s reminisce together as we realize: Wow! I can’t believe that came out 20 years ago! I’m old!

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90s return

It’s the 90s all over again! Some of the biggest names that ruled the 90s have returned, whether after an extended hiatus, a regrouping or simply following the chain of releases with something new. Having so many acts from the same period releasing new material at this point suggests that there is a resurgent interest in the 90s scene. Considering

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