Gaga’s lost messages

Lady Gaga still has it.

Her performance at SXSW in Austin, Texas last Thursday has put her back in the centre of attention. Though most of the attention she has received has been negative. Overwhelmingly negative.

Not a surprise.

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Beyoncé has changed the game

Minutes before midnight Thursday night, BeyoncĂ© released an entire new album exclusively to iTunes consisting of 14 songs, each with its own music video (plus several bonus videos), in a move that sets a new benchmark for pop music marketing and promotion – because prior to its release, nobody saw it coming.

The move has the potential to completely reset how album eras by major pop stars are promoted. In pop music, marketing and promotion are huge for albums, where the two to three months leading up to its release date is the most important period for the entire project. Interviews and performances are lined up, at least two singles are released, music videos, ad campaigns, partnerships and endorsements, an entire strategy planned in order to ensure the greatest chance at a successful project.

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One Direction – Midnight Memories

One Direction - Midnight Memories

Having never jumped on the boy band bandwagon before, I know that I’m out of One Direction‘s target audience. Yet, they’re still intriguing because, while they’re a singing group, they’re also celebrities who cater to teenage fans just like the boy bands of a decade ago, and the decade before that.

Like boy bands of years gone, One Direction will one day serve as a form of nostalgia for today’s youth who will listen back to these songs and longingly say their era of teen pop was the best. Admittedly I can now say a decade and a half later that some hits by the Backstreet Boys are some of my 90s guilty pleasures. So while I’m not the intended audience for 1D, I was once part of an age group for similar acts.

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Katy Perry – Prism

Katy Perry - Prism

Prior to the release of Roar, the first single from Katy Perry‘s new album Prism, she released a series of short videos depicting what most presumed to be a change of direction in her sound. It was a great way to build hype and excitement leading up to the new album, yet also a sense of deception.

The first single Roar was released shortly after and was an immediate success. Instantly catchy ear candy made of Katy’s perfected brand of pop music that fit in just enough for today’s pop music landscape. It utilizes overdone themes and masters cliches but does it so effortlessly.

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