Ed Sheeran – X

Ed Sheeran - X

Fame can be a difficult thing to experience when you’re someone as humble and introverted as Ed Sheeran seems to be. His first album + evoked the type of introspection and naivety that gave him the charm ultimately leading to his worldwide success. But with that success came a loss of innocence and a new perspective that he captures on his second album X.

Ed’s rising status was inevitable given his gradual success over the last three years. It was a given that his sophomore record would be an instant hit. With it sitting at #1 in several countries around the world, Ed is arguably the biggest solo male artist out right now.

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Lady Gaga – ARTPOP

Lady Gaga - Artpop

Entertainment media has taken a page from Lady Gaga, known for her over-the-top image, by responding critically to her every move in an over-the-top fashion.

Being as in-tuned to pop culture as she is, it’s something she has anticipated and has incorporated into her album ARTPOP where she sings “I stand here waiting for you to bang the gong/to crash the critic saying ‘is it right or is it wrong'” on Applause, the album’s first single.

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Eminem – The Marshall Mathers LP 2

Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP 2

The world of rap has always been a young man’s game. And maybe that’s why Marshall Mathers, aka, Slim Shady, aka, Eminem is out to prove that, despite his age, he isn’t coming close to slowing down.

Not that 41 is old – to compare, Snoop Dogg is 42 and Jay-Z is 43. – but the idea that Eminem has been losing his touch has followed him since Encore, and for each subsequent album after.

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