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Sia - Alive

“Most important video of the year” | Last week a video for Til It Happens To You, a song Lady Gaga recorded earlier this year for the documentary The Hunting Ground, was released. The documentary, song, and video are all about the too-common incidents of rape on college campuses across America and beyond. The song and video both stay to

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Second Chance Songs

Sia - Elastic Heart

A few weeks ago, Sia finally put out another video to follow up last year’s Chandelier, which subsequently indicated the second single from 1000 Forms Of Fear, for her song Elastic Heart. The video, once again starring Maddie Ziegler along with Shia LaBeouf in interpretative dance, was considered controversial due to apparent suggested pedophilia.

A less discussed aspect of the song was that it was already released as a single nearly a year and a half ago.

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