Soundtrack – Catching Fire

The Hunger Games Catching Fire Soundtrack

It’s understandable that the soundtrack to the second Hunger Games movie Catching Fire isn’t a re-creation of the first. Songs From District 12 and Beyond, with T-Bone Burnett as executive producer, was an adventure of its own centred around the humble life of Panem’s District 12 with mainly folk tunes.

This time, Alexandra Patsavas is on board. Known for her work behind soundtracks for The O.C., Grey’s Anatomy and Twilight, Patsavas has a knack for bringing in current and upcoming names to provide a who’s who of television and movie soundtrack music.

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Artists who should be more popular

We pretty much all have a list of singers and artists that we think deserve to be more popular, because they’re too awesome to be as unnoticed as they are, they have much better music than what is popular or even if it’s just so we can say we knew them before they hit it big. The following is a

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