I just came to say Ello

When Facebook made the requirement that users had to use their real names, it became an opportunity for the so-called “anti-Facebook” social networking site Ello to swoop in and make itself known to those who had grown fed up with that and Facebook’s other frustrating actions.

Ello initially launched in March but it wasn’t until last month that it suddenly started to take off. The invitation-only site bills itself as being different from other social networks in that it claims to never sell personal information to advertisers, doesn’t use advertising, has zero-tolerance toward abusive behaviour, and won’t enforce a real-name policy.

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Facebook is 10


Today, Facebook turns 10.

Nearly every news site and major blogging site will be writing about that milestone. I’ve read a few articles on it so far this morning. They’ve all pretty much covered the social network giant’s beginnings and achievements in that amount of time, which certainly aren’t small when considering how long ten years is in internet lives. For me, it’s 1/3 of the time I’ve been alive.

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The evolution of Facebook

facebook like

A lot has changed since Facebook started out as the superior alternative to MySpace and the gateway for everyone and their mother to enter into the world of social networking.

Initially a way for people to communicate with friends without having to call or text, it soon became a way to reconnect with old friends, make new friends, chat, work and collaborate. Like any good thing, it evolved.

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I Love My Trans!

Awareness campaigns often start with the purpose of making information available. After an organization pinpoints the cause and decides on the message, it becomes a matter of how to communicate it effectively and successfully. In today’s world of Internet 2.0, social networking has taken that to a new level. However, sometimes it works in reverse where social networking becomes the

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