My new age of television

Orange Is The New Black

If you’re near my age, you might remember when your parents would tell you to stop watching so much TV and read a book or go outside. You also might remember the countless articles and studies that focused on the negatives of watching so much TV. It stifled creativity, resulting in inactivity, hindered personal growth, etc. TV was the classic scapegoat for those looking for something to blame.

Most of my childhood was spent watching TV. There were shows I watched religiously, even in reruns. I had a weekly schedule of shows that I liked down to a T. I laughed. I cried. And I got upset when the schedule changed and, worst case scenario, a show I watched was canceled. Sitcoms, late night, cartoons, talk shows and even a soap opera I watched, yet even though my life essentially revolved around a television screen, I felt guilty about it.

At 18, I moved away from home for university. And I stopped watching TV.

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Big Brother 15 and its controversy

The one phrase Big Brother host Julie Chen is most known for is “But, first!” Her second-most repeated phrase is “expect the unexpected” as she tells each year’s Big Brother houseguests. This year, that phrase might be better directed at herself, the viewers and anyone else paying attention as Big Brother is both taking and giving a lesson in social

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What the what? 30 Rock Concludes

Television shows have a way of easing their way into your head without really doing much of anything. It isn’t until the last episode airs that you realize there was something reminiscent of a friendship with the characters – if the show was good. I was late on the train to 30 Rock. I didn’t begin watching it until maybe

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Big Brother 14: conclusion

By now, you’ve seen the finale of Big Brother. If you haven’t, go away. So the winner was chosen in a 6-1 vote with Danielle being the outsider. I thought the winner was well deserved but with the final two being who they were, I think either one wouldn’t have been a far fetched choice as winner of the game.

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