I just came to say Ello

When Facebook made the requirement that users had to use their real names, it became an opportunity for the so-called “anti-Facebook” social networking site Ello to swoop in and make itself known to those who had grown fed up with that and Facebook’s other frustrating actions.

Ello initially launched in March but it wasn’t until last month that it suddenly started to take off. The invitation-only site bills itself as being different from other social networks in that it claims to never sell personal information to advertisers, doesn’t use advertising, has zero-tolerance toward abusive behaviour, and won’t enforce a real-name policy.

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Useful Tweets

It’s not uncommon for someone to scoff at the mention of Twitter in conversation, for whatever reason Twitter was introduced in the first place. In fact, the dismissive attitude a lot of people have toward social media is almost surprising to me when I think about just how useful Twitter can be and how important it has been in recent

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Social Networking

Sometimes one doesn’t realize just what’s out there when it comes to varying degrees of social networking. While I spent the last couple of years coming up with ideas for this very site, finally settling on something concrete that I’ve done a pretty good job up-keeping I might add, the social stratosphere has exploded with sites for every situation imaginable.

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