Rihanna – Anti

Rihanna - Anti

ANTi is a non-pop pop album. Once the idea that there are no club bangers to be had is accepted, the songs begin to shine. It has hits and misses, but as a whole, it serves as her most rewarding album.

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“Let’s meet at the cup”

Second Cup

Most people like to keep their work life separate from their home and social lives. For me, all three were rolled into one for the last five years.

Despite my current endeavour to move on to bigger and better things, I still continue to enjoy working at Second Cup in downtown Halifax. Cafe culture is something I love and there was no better place for it than where I’ve worked since October 2008.

But even as my place of work, Second Cup has always been a destination beyond that.

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Baby’s mug

Another one of my awkward exchanges with customers that I’m reminded of whenever I pass by a certain red-headed customer on the streets of downtown Halifax. (seriously, I plan on putting my short stories and events into a book of some sort at some point in my life…) This guy would come in most mornings while I was making lattes,

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Thank you! Thank you!

It’s so odd how your actions and interactions every day can stand out to one person enough for them to approach you and make note of it. This morning, a guy I’d never seen before comes in and asks for an iced cappuccino. It’s not a drink we have. Normally when someone asks for that, I’ll clarify that we have

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